Apple Testing iOS 6.0.1And iOS 6.1; Releasing Soon

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The operating system of the devices is responsible to run the programs on the machines. All the functionality and the processing are possible due to the OS. As we use an operating system with the desktop systems similarly we use the boot-supporting software for the mobiles. There are many devices in the market featuring different  running systems. Some are compatible with Android and others support Android, Symbian and recently developers turned towards Windows use as the OS.

The Apple devices are running on the iOS operating system. They recently have introduced the iOS6 version with a claim that it will turn out to be the best OS ever. This launch was made in September. However, after the release users complaints started emerging about the features of the iOS 6. The company provided the immediate and proper response to problems and tried to come-up with fixing solutions. Ultimately, the company kept on working on the issues of the users and tested those new solutions in its testing unit and finally releasing a better one step ahead operating system that is iOS 6.0.1, for its customers.


The new  version is addressing of the issues that were faced in the iOS 6. The V6.0.1 will solve the problem creating WiFi Support, Cellular Data issues, passbook application upgrade leaving behind the problem and also fixes for the notifications matters.

The company found issues in the WiFi functions. They were told that the devices eat-up credits even if the gadget connects to the WiFi. This was appearing as a big shock for the customers when suddenly they were hearing that they need to pop-up their devices again. It is expected that the company worked on this problem and now in the new updated release the users will be having the fix at the time of upgrade.

The company attached Passbook application to the 6th version of the OS, which helped the users to hold and manage their important documents digitally. One of the feature was to allow the users to look through the document details even if the screen of the device is locked. However, in actual this feature was not working fine. The new release must be addressing this scenario as well to satisfy the needs and demands of the users.


The Cellular Data Networks are helpful when the WiFi connection is not nearby. It allows to connect to the internet but the cellular companies who provide the service charge you for every bit of data that you treat over the internet. It costs a lot. Therefore, the customers prefer WiFi mostly. But Cellular Data is useful for quick tours and you can avoid heavy streaming to control over the credit. The Cellular Data was creating problems for some users in some circumstances. The company received the feedback and worked on this issue and must be providing the solution for this in the new release.

Along with this one step-forward release, the company is expected to be working on a bit major release as well. The company may launch the iOS 6.1 side by side to the iOS 6.0.1. The speculations direct to the possibility that this release will not appear in the tomorrow launch with the iPad Mini and others but it will come up in the market later-on may be after the holidays.

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