Apple Rumors: MacBook Air And MacBook Pro Models To Be Refreshed Next Year

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Apple is one of the leading and most popular electronic gadgets company. All of its products are way popular with the masses and loved by all. Though they are a bit expensive but then their product has no match, quality wise. Whether it is iPhones or iPads, iPods or Mac notebooks, Apple and its products are all over the market and their every version ends up giving a huge competition to all other manufacturers in the market.

With the New Year approaching and all the main horses in the race already announcing their important launches for the next year it is expected that the Apple will also update the product lines of  Mac Book Pro and Mac Book Air in mid of year 2013. The year 2013 seems to be full of new and exciting updates and Apple has apparently decided to step forward and give its customers a late but top class gift.

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The Mac Book Pro and Mac Book Air are not expected to have any major design changes but the improvise specification are going to be the highlights of the new version. A new more powerful and updated processor is the new added feature. So the new updated version will be even faster than the current one making it a must-get Apple’s product.

MacBook Pro & MacBook Air

The design is not expected to change as the version that was introduced in June 2012 had plenty of those. It had faster processors, new RAM and storage options, USB 3.0, and a Face Time HD camera. So most of the required things including a design change have already happened and hence all that is expected from the newer update is some exciting internal changes.

It is also rumored that there will be a drop in the price of the existing version of Mac Book Pro and Mac Book Air. Although this rumor seems like a rumor as Apple has never initiated such a step before with any product. The Apple Mac has never before dropped the price of the current version, rather has simply replaced the version with the newer one.


Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects that the Mac Book Pro will feature Intel’s new Haswell chips when launched in somewhere between March 2013 and June 2013.  These chips will improvise the CPU performance as well as the integrated GPU’s performance. It is also expected that the Apple will move away from Intel to ARM-based Macs, Siri and Maps integration.

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Digitimes reports suggest that Apple’s Mac Book will launch 17 million units in the mid 2013. It is a huge number but apparently the manufactures are as always pretty confident about their new version.

Mostly Apple holds a Worldwide Developers Conference in June which seems like a perfect occasion for the updated versions of Mac Book Air and Mac Book Pro models to be announced.

Let’s hope that these rumors come true and we get to see the latest updated versions of Mac Book Air and Pro which does sound exciting and an all together a new experience.

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