iBooks 3.0 For iOS Finally Announced By Apple

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The Apple is not just announcing the new devices in the event, but it has worked and enhanced the version of the applications provided by the AppStore for the customers. The iBooks application is not a new name for the iPhone, iPad and iPod device users. They are well familiar with the benefits and the uses of the tool and are getting benefits out of it. This is an educational application.

The users can easily download the books with the help of this tool. The PDF format texts are easily readable through this. It allows the user to highlight or underline the text, zoom in or out the material and much more. The company has introduced the fresh updated version with improved features. It now allows the sharing feature over the social network. Along with these, the iCloud integration is also added as feature in the new version.


This application has the improved sharing facility that allows the users to share the passages and favorite quotes with other friends and family through the applications like the social networking groups. The social networking groups are very popular these days. The world is experiencing a busy life now. They do not have the time to visit each other but they can stay connected to one another through such networking media. People want to keep their loved ones updated about the happenings in their lives and they take the help of these connecting applications.

Those users, who like reading want to share the interesting part of the books they are going through with the other readers. So they can take the help of iBooks now to share the favorite parts of articles, books and other reading stuff.


The CEO Tim Cook of Apple, has ensured that the users can access to more than 400 Million books through the iBookStore. You can have the idea about this store by remembering the AppStore of the company. The AppStore keeps the applications, games, themes, health related stuff, weather indications, navigations, utilities and many more useful items that the user can easily add to their devices and can enjoy  the benefit. They can get the applications from the store at any fixed price or free of cost even.

Similarly, the users can get books by paying for it or they can download it without any cost. The iBook application offers the mode of readings. The users can set these modes to read the books easily. The themes provided by the application are Sepia and Night theme. These will have good effects on the eyes while reading the books on the idevices. The application is set to support new 40+ languages. A set of new Asian languages has been added in the device. The application supports Asian famous languages like Chinese and Japanese and maybe even more.


The iBooks application feature the iBooks Author. this feature allows the writers and publishers to create the templates though in the the Portrait-Template only.

The application is announced at the California Theatre Event by the CEO Tim Cook, but the application will be provided for downloads in some time so that the users can enjoy this exciting application.

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