Apple May Launch iTunes 11 Along With iPad Mini At The Event

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Apple is adding spices to the upcoming event by accommodating exciting launches in the event. The major release is an iPad Mini to entertain the users with limited or reserved income. The device is titled as the budget device by the sources. It is not even a day left to the launch, but still the rumor tanks are leaking the information about the event. It seems that the event is going to be the major fully-protocol occasion. It will raise the curtains from the iPad Mini, MacBook Pro, iPad 4 and some new and improved softwares. The new tip that we get is the release of the iTunes 11.

We already have heard about the iTunes 11 application on the iPhone5 launch day. The iTunes supports the transfer of the data to and from the devices and the desktop system. The idevices should be synchronized with the iTunes to copy data to the idevices. The applications, games, books, music, movies, ringtones, themes, and other tools and applications that run on the gadgets  synchronize with the iTunes. You can easily take the backup of the data and transfer it to the new devices you bought or formatting the device to clean any viruses.

redesigned iTunes

The new version of the iTunes will provide the better the outlook, features and the functions. The iTunes 11 will come up with a changed user interface. The new iTunes will feature the enhanced outlook of the Store. The overall look and design of the application has been modified. Now we can observe changes in the sidebar and the buttons provided for different functionality as well as when you minimize the window of the tool, the changes can be seen easily.

The company has added the iCloud support in the options pane. The Mini-player window will show more options so that the user does not have to switch between the main application menu and the smaller player. The iTunes took the start as the music player but with the passage of time, more enhanced version of the application hit the market. Now the iTunes11 is able to perform a number of useful tasks like devices synchronizations, TV shows and movies, iOS apps sync, restore and backup. And above all, the application features the social networking programs.

Apple Event

There are some improved and better functions provided with the weather application. You can have the weather report at your device in a much better way.

The educational hit application to read the ebooks online iBooks is expected to join the other launches with modified and improved features. The new version of the iBook may support bigger space to hold the books, support for audio and video books, manages to maintain the real book like looks. Arranging the data according to the fit-to-eye font sizes and formats. The exact facts and figures will be revealed when the curtain will raise on the 23rd October.

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