ZTE Announced Firefox Phone Featuring 5.7-Inch Screen And Firefox OS

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The City of Barcelona, Spain is quite busy right now in dealing with the participants and attendees of the Mobile World Congress. There are many expectations about the event that the world is going to get a lot during the days of the congress. All the companies will cash the advantage of the stage set by one of the major events in the industry of mobile phones. The ZTE company has also put its share in the event. The company is one of the world’s top mobile phone maker but the people are not much aware of it other than China.

The company has pushed out the ZTE Open which is going to be the first ever device to run on the operating system of the Firefox. Along with this first Firefox based device, the company has also given out bigger and a huge Grand Memo as well.

ZTE Open

This device is pushed out to entertain the users on the rising markets. The specifications and the features are also given out in the process to tell the users what they are going to get into the device.


ZTE Open Firefox OS phone

The screen of the device features 3.5 inch display with the technology HVGA. The resolution given for the display of the device is lower and going with the entry level image of the device.


The processor provided by the manufacturers is the 1GHz.


As this is the entry level device, so the specifications are not very high. The Random Access Memory of the device is featuring the 512 MB temporary space for the data to speed up the performance of the device.


The camera given in the device is a 3.2 MP to help in shooting pictures and make videos of the important incidents.


The connectivity is covered by the Bluetooth, A-GPS and the WiFi.

Operating System

The company has launched an entirely new platform for the device to run on. The manufacturers have embedded the Firefox OS on the device to support the tools and softwares performing in the device. Though, as this is the newer one so the database running behind it to support the users with the application is not yet established as compared to others already in the market.


The device will appear in the markets of Europe and Latin America till the Summers 2013.

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We are really not sure if the new experiment of the device will get accepted by the users on the features like this. The device is giving the impression of the low priced Android device.

zte open

However, the company has the reason behind this low budget production. They already have targeted market in their minds for their product. They stated that they are bringing this device to address the Youngsters with the urge of using the latest technology but have little amount into hands.

The experts who tested the device come up with the statement that the device was not quite fast while performing different transactions and it was even getting held up. However, this is just the start but the company will come up with improvements in hardware as well as the software for the excitement of the users.

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