Vertu-Ti Luxury Phone In Collaboration With Nokia- Android-Powered Handset With $10,000+

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The companies are now developing the handsets which are satisfying the luxurious needs and demands of the users. Some users are status conscious and they want something which is a status symbol above all. The Nokia has fulfilled the needs of such users by pushing out the Vertu Ti and this handset is going to be out of reach of the common man as it is going to fall in quite high price devices category. The Nokia company has taken over the company Vertu and worked on its own lines to excite the brand conscious people.

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The manufacturers of the device have made it clear that this device is never going to be the disposable handset and it is going to be about the associated technology and craftsmanship of the device.  This is mentioned by the Hutch Hutchison and it is given out to the BBC in an interview with them. The features and specifications are making the prices higher and even higher with their choice of covering and technology.


The screen of the device is set at the 3.7 inch. The manufacturers have used the Sapphire Crystal Screen.

Vertu Ti android powered phone


The provided resolution of the device is going to be around 800*480p.


The processor is from the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform. It is featuring Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 SoC. It is a dual core clocked at 1.7 GHz powers.


The users will experience the Vertu UI.

Operating System

The device is running on the Android 4.0. The company has taken the bold step by moving from the Symbian to the Android platform and has worked out on the Smartphones running on the Android ICS 4.0 version.


The company is offering the users a variety of body material. The users can select their choice. The users have the Titanium shells.

Vertu Ti


The device has the battery with the power of 1,250 mAH.


The camera feature is offering the 8 MP for the rear view and the 1.3 MP for the front facing camera.

SIM Capability

The SIM support of the device varies from Full to Micro and Nano sizes.

Price Factor     

The users will have to pay quite a big amount in order to get the device.

 If the users get the Titanium Black Leather, they have to pay $9,600.

 If the users get the Titanium Pure Black, they have to pay $11,500.

If the users get the Titanium Black Alligator, they have to pay $12,800.

 If the users get the Black PVD Titanium Red Gold Mixed Metals, they have to pay $19,900.

Vertu Ti Device

Storage Space

The device has the built-in 64 GB space to provide the users a bigger space to hold their data and information.

Sound Support

The device will support the users to enjoy quality sounds and audios with the help of Bang and Olfusion Sound technology.

Missing Component

The 4G network is not provided in the device by the manufacturers which is mostly given in the latest devices.

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