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Beside providing different means to smooth out the never ending work, the users are given the options to get their favorite games from the application stores. They can enjoy their leisure time by playing these games and even some others charge them for further working by using such mind relaxing applications. The Android platform is going higher by leaving behind the other operating systems. The users can decide upon the type of recreation they want to have and set their list according to that. However, we have given the list of the games that the users can consider with high priority.

1. The Simpsons: Trapped Out

The addictive game for the users is The Simpsons. The iOS users were already having this on their platform. However, the Android users are getting their share now. The game is now released by the EA in the Google Play Store. The users are capable of building their own Springfield and can enjoy the interaction with the real characters and contents of the series. The users can proceed further by unlocking the new characters by scoring some points according to game criteria.


2. Cordy 2

The first version of the Cordy really got popular with the users. Now the users are given to the next version of the game. The game is all about the adventure in the new style. The users have to play through 3 different worlds to accomplish different levels. The users are given with a great experience to pass their time with their mobiles.


3. Spyder Arcade HD

The old traditional games style is followed in the new Spyder Arcade HD. The graphics and features of the game are well followed in the new game. This is more like the R-Type and Galaxian games of the old times. The users have to collect the coins and kill the zombies by shooting them.


4. Shellrazer

In this game the user play as the Klang Clan Turtle that will bring the fun and excitement for the users. The users can get the items to turn into more stronger in the game and it is accompanied by the fantastic design, unusual actions to get to the next level every time. The users have to fight with the hordes of goblin, get balloons and sheep riders along with the Steampunk etc. This will make the turtle even more powerful to stay in the game.


5. Roller Rally: Snake Pass

It is too simple but users can enjoy playing it. It has high quality graphics in the game to appeal the users  despite age. The characters in the game try to get to the winning point while racing one another. The users have to get to the next level by beating all the other characters racing with you. The developers have provided high graphics to the users so they can stay with the game and enjoy it to its full extent.

Roller Rally

6. Wipeout

The users who really love to watch TV and follow some particular show on the TV regularly, they will find the game really interesting. The game is entitled to bring the laugh and fun to the users. They can play it to make the contestants do funny moves that will bring laughs and enjoyment to the users.


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