Samsung Officially Announced The Arrival Of The Galaxy Note 8.0 Before MWC

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The users have heard a lot about the Galaxy Note 8.0 since it has been tipped out by the company. The sources have provided the information about the features and specifications of the device though they are not the final or confirmed wordings from the company. There are still the chances that the company may come up with a changed list of the features and specs from the one purposed by external sources.

The sources in the mobile industry were expecting the information about the portable device on the upcoming event of the Mobile World Congress. However, the company has not waited till the MWC event and have officially spoken about the device. It has confirmed the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy series device, the Note 8.0. This is going to be the larger version of the device Galaxy Note 2. The Galaxy Note 8.0 is coming with the Home button option, call feature is also supported which mean that the users can make calls with the device and even the vertical orientation.

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The Home button feature is added in the company’s post-Android 3.0 tablets for the very first time. This will allow speedier access to the main menu of the device. The users do not have to navigate through the screen to reach the Home screen rather they can adopt a direct path by pressing the Home button.


The screen of the device is 8 inches in size. This is giving quite a good screen to view the information and stuff on the device.


The resolution of the device is set as the 1280*800p display of the device.


It is featuring the TFT LCD technology. The expectations are that the manufacturers may provide the Super AMOLED for the display of the device.

samsung galaxy note 8.0


The processor of the device is going to be the 1.6 GHz EXYNOS A9 quad core chip.

Operating System

The Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean has been provided as the operating system of the device.


The RAM of the machine is expected to be 2 GB RAM to provide better performance and speed for doing the transactions.


The camera of the device is having the 5 MP rear functionality for shooting and 1.3 MP for the front end shooting.


The battery is happened to be 4,600mAh powered that will allow the users to work on the device for a longer period.

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samsung galaxy note 8.0 new image

Internal Storage Space

The internal storage space accompanying the device is 16 or 32 GB. The users can even enhance the space according to their requirements by using the option of the micro SD card slot.


The device measures to be 210.8*135.9*7.95mm dimensional.


The company has provided the SPen accessory for the device after its success with the Galaxy Note II.


The company has decided to push the HSPA+ version first and then it will bring the WiFi featuring version for the users as well.

Availability And Price

There are no final words given about the price of the device. However, the worldwide launch will be made in the second quarter of the year. The users of the US will get the device or not, it is not yet confirmed.

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