Nexus 4 Camera Facing Purple Haze Issue In Certain Lighting Conditions After Apple And Samsung Devices

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The purple haze effects are not only affecting the users of the iPhone5 and the Samsung Galaxy SIII but it also now appears in the pictures results of the LG and Google device, Nexus 4. The Purple Haze issue is basically the result of some reflection or the refraction of the camera lens in the smart devices. There comes the purplish colored flaw across one part of the picture. The users want clear and memorable pictures of their memorable moments. Therefore, the purple haze appears as a hinder in the requirements of the user’s wills.

The concept of carrying a camera is the story of some old days. However, now the trends are changing. People want to get more and more applications and functions in one device that they can handle easily. The Smartphones and the tablets have fulfilled the desires and the needs of the users. They can now get all the required utilities in one portable and manageable device. The most demanded feature is the camera and the quality it provides.


The users prefer to get the devices that have better camera specifications. They find it quite easy to take the pictures and then connect their devices to the internet and can share the pictures wherever they want. Along with these, they can transfer their files to the desktop systems or the laptops. They capture the moments as they know they would not be able to live them again in life. Therefore, the clarity in these pictures matters a lot so whenever they look back through their treasure they get the clearest image in their mind of precious moments.

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The Nexus 4 after the other major Smart devices is facing the flaw of this purple effecting the picture. The proposed solution for the problem so far is that the users should tilt the camera from the heavy light source. They should avoid the direct exposure of light while taking the pictures in fact they should turn their direction from the light outlet. This problem is not only faced by the Nexus 4 but in reality many high technology gadgets are facing the problem.


Though the quality of the picture was not very much demanded or needed just a few years back. However, with the growing use of the social networks and the internet devices, the users do not want to wait to take out their cameras and then capture the shots and share them with their loved ones over the social media.

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With the growing needs and demands of the camera and picture quality, there are many developers who create the applications focusing camera. They provide many exciting features for the users enhance the quality of the pictures and even add the features to the pictures. We all hope that the companies will soon solve out the problem and provide the better solution to their users rather than just moving away from the light source. As there are times when the users want to capture the scene in the way where they cannot move away from provided situation.

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