HTC M7; Hitting French Markets On 8th March For €650

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The new device HTC M7, is in the discussions and the news now a days. The sources are talking about the arrival of the device along with the provided specifications and features. The specification details are already out in the market but the sources were not sure about the releasing date as well as the price tag going to attach to the device. However, now the information is out in the market about the remaining details about the device. The device is going to hit the shelves of the European Markets first.

The handset is releasing in the French markets which is shown and confirmed by the information given in the retailers lists there.

htc M7 price tag  €650


The handset is going to have the 4.7 inch screen. The display is featuring the 1920*1080 pixel resolution providing the Full HD quality.


The performance of the device is ensured with the use of in-trend Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad Core Processor. This is clocked at the 1.7 GHz.

Random Access Memory

The RAM used in the device is about 2 GB which is entitled to provide quite a promising processing performance in the hardware of any mobile set.

htc M7 hitting France on 8 Mar

Internal Storage

The Internal memory space provided in the device is 32 GB. This is not all yet. The users can enhance the storing space even further. Those who want to carry a lot of data in the portable devices can make the space even higher with the use of the MicroSD slot. They can top up their space according to their need by inserting a micro SD card later on.


The camera feature in the mobile is offering the 13 MP shooting. This is used in next generation devices with high technology features by almost every mobile manufacturing company.

Model Number

The HTC M7 will be termed as the HTC 5.0 as well.


The network support is featuring the 4G and NFC.

Audio Support

The sound feature is made clearer and of better quality with the Double HP Techno Beats Audio. The users want to keep their favorite music tracks and other movies and videos in their devices to enjoy them in their leisure time or even if they are travelling. Therefore, companies are focusing on this feature a lot due to the high demand of the users as more or less everyone uses their devices to play videos and audios on. If not entertaining, then with the working point of view.


The battery of the device is powered at 2300 mAH. This is always in the interest of the users if their devices are going to stay longer with them or not. They prefer to get the devices with better battery support in order to stay alive for longer span.

Operating System

The operating system used to run the devices is Android Jelly Bean.


The price details given out by the company say that the users have to pay €649.99 to get the device.


The device will arrive in the market on the March 8TH

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