How To Use Your Samsung Galaxy S III As A Personal Computer

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The Samsung Galaxy S III is the latest smartphone from Samsung that was released this year is a slate format Smartphone that features the Android operating system.  The direct predecessor of the brilliant  Samsung Galaxy S II.  But the S III is different in many ways  as it offers users an amazing eye-tracking ability, more storage space and an incredible wireless charging option.

The smartphone was varying in features according to the geographic region they were released in as it had various RAM capacities and processors.  When the device was formally announced it featured the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich OS which can be easily be updated into the recent Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

What this post will tell you about the amazing Samsung Galaxy S III is the incredible things that you can accomplish with it.

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The first thing that you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the fact that your MHL/Video out through a micro USB port from previous devices of Samsung like Samsung Galaxy S or Nexus will not be compatible with the new device as it has a different port.

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We here at Geek Chunk used the cable that came with the Samsung Galaxy S III to connect it with a larger display and found that it did so wonderfully without any glitches or effects. We then attached a Bluetooth keyboard and a mouse to make a makeshift personal computer. But did find that it was very hard to get the perfect screen size to match our screen but this we attributed to the television that we were using and not the device. But the fact was that we could easily see our home screen etched over the television and scrolling through the screens was simple and fast as if we were using the device with the only difference that it was on the larger screen. And the fact that it was on 1080p was marvelous.

samsung galaxy SIII

We then started to use the device through the peripheral devices that we attached with a Bluetooth connection and started using various apps and features. We started with the browser. We browsed easily around through the use of our mouse and also the keyboard. We tried YouTube  and easily without any hassle could playback videos on it. We also accessed the Play store the app market on the Android and easily scrolled through it by using the keyboard. Once we came out we tried other apps like composing messages  and this was brilliant as we had keyboard in hand and could easily type at a far greater speed.

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We couldn’t stop ourselves and played with the dialer and the orientation did change but we can call as fluently as on the device itself. The fact was that the usability of the phone was limitless and you can easily use it as a personal computer while on the move. Whether you are in a hotel or your office you will need an HD display and easily connect your device with it.

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