Dell Announces ‘Project Ophelia’: Thumb Drive Cloud Computing With Android 4.0

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The way the technology is changing itself nowadays, we can expect anything to happen. The life coming ahead will be stuffed with the technology items for doing every kind of work with speed and accuracy. The Dell is a well known and reliable name in the industry of the Laptops and other computer stuff. The company has now announced a machine that is going to be the breakthrough point in the computer and desktop device industry.

The company has given the words about the possible computer functionality, compressed and portable in a tiny USB. Simply attach this to the monitor and enjoy the fully functional features of the desktop systems. The USB will not hold just the important information and data or the bootable Operating System but it will be loaded with the features and functions of a proper PC. The Dell company has made it possible and is bringing a USB device with these features. The company officials have made the announcement of the arrival of the device.


The device is given the name of “Project Ophelia.” The device will run under the flag of the Android. The OS is Android 4.0 which is one less than the latest release of the Android as the OS. The further specifications revealed by the company say that the users will be able to get connected with other networks with the help of this device. They will be able to enjoy the cloud server assets like gaming, business and other applications.

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This hardware will provide the following functionality to the users.

  • The users will be able to get sharp graphics while playing the games. They will not miss any single detail while playing the games and doing other high graphical tasks.
  • The users can make the choices of displays by simply inserting the hardware with any best suitable screen and can enjoy stuff on an even bigger and advanced screen.
  • The cloud access is provided to the hardware users to enjoy different media to perform their tasks.

The company has focused on the gaming lovers as they need to switch on their desktop systems to play their favorite games. The systems were not portable so that they can be taken from one place to another and the users can enjoy playing games wherever and whenever they want to. The company hence provides the portable device to the user with the privilege to carry their fun system with them.


The users can get the more details about the device from the press release made by the company. The press release was given out by the company in Las Vegas on January 2013. This device is striking the market with the scope of giving hype to the value of the cloud client computing. The expectations are that the concept of being portable will be followed to its full extent and the users would not be needed the other parts like keyboard and mouse to carry along with the Project Ophelia.

According to the analysts, the expectations are that the users will welcome such device with full zeal and enthusiasm.

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