Top Android Applications To Serve The Users In Their Travelling Needs

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After a full hectic year of work and assignments, the vacation time is availed as a relaxing period. The people want to get rest and enjoy leaving the worries of their works and projects behind them. They spend this time with their families, loved ones and even on their own. The vacation time is the perfect time to travel and spend time somewhere exciting and entertaining. The Smart devices have even contributed to this side of life. The users can get the information by just clicking a few options through their handsets.

The Android and the iOS devices are serving their users on top by providing them best solutions in terms of applications. The Android users can get the applications provided in the Google Store to fill in their devices and serve them later. There are many options serving the users in order to decide which place can be a good option to visit. These applications help the people from deciding upon the travelling vehicles, places according to demands, resorts and resting places and even the indication of the services that the users can avail in their travelling in order to make their trips best and memorable.

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The applications like TripAdvisor, FieldTrip, Rail Planner Live, Orbitz, Price Line, Tripit, Trip Journal, Transit Times+, Check My trip and the AmTrack can be good and precise options to get the desired information.



This application allows the users to get the information about the restaurants, hotels, food places, fun places and travelling vehicle schedules along with the price details and many more.



The group of the closed beta-game developers the Niantic Labs, has developed an application for the users to deal with their needs of getting information on the places and the data on the places to increase their knowledge on famous buildings, places and other markable stuff. This application being at the background push out the data on the historical places whenever the users are around those places.

Rail Palnner Live

rail planner live

The users can stay up to date on the train schedule on their trips. They can get the information on the train timings, stations on the particular route, cancelation of particular train and even the delay in their desired route train.



This application has the information about the hotels, restaurants, flights and even the cars that users can hire for travelling. There are special packages and deal offers for the users and they can avail one of their choices.



The users can get the complete details about the plane schedules. They can use this application anywhere anytime wherever their Android devices have the network coverage.



This application gathers all the important information in just one place. The users can check the travelling schedule, hotel reservations, places directions etc. All in one place.

Trip Journal

Trip Journal

It has the ability to store the information about the travelling and the trips of the users and then share these movies with their family and friends. It is the paid application. The users have to pay $2.99 to get this application in their systems.

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